2023 Candidates

General Election November 7th, 2023

Chalfont Borough Council

4-Year Term:

Lisa Cardinale

Michael Kelly (1)

Mitchell Meyerson (1)

2-Year Term:

Dan Colbert

New Britain Borough Council

Steve Ascher (1)

Peter LaMontagne (1)

Tom Price (1)

Maureen Oh (2-year seat)

Lucille Seigfried (2-year seat) WRITE-IN

New Britain Township Supervisor

Cynthia Jones (1)

Bridget Kunakorn

New Britain Township Auditor

Joe Kunakorn

County Commissioner

Bob Harvie (1)

Diane Marseglia (1)

Row Offices

Eileen Albillar - Clerk of Courts

Kris Ballerini - Treasurer (1)

Linda Bobrin - Register of Wills (1)

Patti Campi - Coroner

Central Bucks School District Region 1

(New Britain Twp. East and New Britain Borough)

Karen Smith (1)

North Penn School District

(New Britain Twp. West 2A)

Dr. Elisha K. Gee (1)

 Timothy MacBain (1)

Juliane Ramíc (1)

Kunbi Rudnick

Cathy Wesley (1)

Pennsylvania Supreme Court

(one seat open)

Daniel McCaffery

Pennsylvania Superior Court

(two seats open)

Jill Beck

Timika Lane

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

(one seat open)

Matt Wolf

Bucks County Court of Common Pleas

Open Seat

(1) Incumbent

Retention Election For Judicial Office

Jack A. Panella

Superior Court 

Vote "YES" to retain

C. Theodore Fritsch, Jr.

Court of Common Pleas 

Vote "YES" to retain